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A N N A  C A M P B E L L   

Soft, feminine and beautifully embellished 

gowns for the romantic bride.


C A T H E R I N E  D E A N E

Classic silhouettes with beautifully, relaxed laces. Perfect for the classic contemporary bride.

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D A I S Y  B R I D E 

Playful, sexy and modern silhouettes for the trendy bride.

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D E L I L A  F O X 

Sleek, modern, fashion forward designs for the editorial bride. 

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D I V I N E  A T E L I E R

Soft, structured and unique gowns for the romantic bride.



L O V E  F O U N D  T R U E

Short and playful wedding dresses for the modern bride. ​


R O M A N T I Q U E 

b y  C L A I R E  P E T T I B O N E

Delicate, feminine silhouettes for a bohemian love story.

Match Made Bridal

M A T C H  M A D E  B R I D A L 

Playful, fresh and beautifully made bridal separates for every bride. 

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M A I S O N  R O E

Bold and refined adornments for the modern style savvy bride. 

T W I G S  &  H O N E Y

Delicate, feminine, hand crafted headpieces for the romantic bride