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Babushka Ballerina was founded in 2011 with a vision to bring to the bridal market a fresh take on the world of Wedding Dresses. Over the past decade of retail we have become a national company and feel honoured to continue to style fashion forward brides all across Australia.


Throughout our years of experience, we have learnt a lot about our clientele and have continued to evolve alongside our style conscious and socially aware Brides to be. 


We have watched what was long deemed a traditional, stale industry burst to life with like-minded creatives all eager to provide brides the means to celebrate not only love, but style, culture, tradition. That has and will always be what motivates us.


The BB bride is the kind of person who wants to put on a killer party for her guests. She’s not flashy, she just wants everyone to have a great and memorable time. Food Trucks, backyard weddings, receptions at a favourite Italian restaurants, ceremonies under century old fig trees and dancing under the stars.  She is nothing less than an original, down to earth, chic bride and we are forever blessed to be a part of her day.

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