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Ilecia & Tyson

When we first met Ilecia it was love at first fitting. Her sweet spirit and strong sense of style saw her order a dress she had never even hand the chance to try on. It was a new design straight from the specifications of our Love Found True designer Sierra Ramke's folio. The moment Ilecia saw the concept for the new design she said yes to the dress and months later she had the chance to see it for the first time. Inspired by this gorgeous bride we have have reproduced this gown and named it Ilecia celebrating this gorgous bride who put her faith in the hands of our team to bring her dream dress to life.

Getting married at Beach Side Dojo's we were so thrilled to hear that Tyson and Ilecia had also booked on of our favourite vendors Ash from Poco Uno Events. What a magical dream team and a exceptionally good looking bride and groom.

Photographed : Jimmy Rapper | Styling : Poco Uno Creative | Venue: Beach Side Dojo's | Dress: Love Found True

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